Dear Baby..Wednesday Words

I have decided to link up the first time to Wednesday Words a linky which is run by Emma of Crazy with Twins.

This is poem of sorts written to the baby residing in my belly.

Dear Baby

You have been part of me for 20 weeks
It sounds like such a short time
But we have grown attached shall we say?
I think about you most of the time and
I already don’t know what I would do without you
It hasn’t been easy
We have already had more tough times
Than is fair

You are worth every minute
I just can’t believe we are only halfway
Through this long journey
Your sister can’t wait to meet you and
I think you are going to be the best of friends

Every day your little kicks get stronger
As I feel you getting to know what your body can do
I can’t wait to see your face
To hold your hand
To stroke your soft skin

For now I wait patiently ..or not
To see who you are
Whose lips have you got
Are you just like me or do you follow your daddy?
Will you be quiet and calm or loud and funny?
Whoever you are and whatever
You may be
Know that you already you are loved
More than you will ever really know

Crazy With Twins

Prose4T – You are

For the first time I am linking up to #prose4T which you can read more about here

This is a poem I wrote quite a while ago about my OH who even when times are rough is such a great support:

You are my ray of light
on a winters morning
my hot chocolate
on a cold rainy night
a warm caress
when I’m feeling lonely
the love of my life

You are a calming ocean
when life gets too much
a place to go to rest my head
you have the answers
when I just dont know
you always say
what needs to be said

You are there when
I open & close my eyes
even when you aren’t here
you are right at my side
I could talk forever
and never explain
my friend,my love, my soulmate

Prose for Thought