Gaming for kids – yay or nay?

On a recent trip to a local restaurant it was really nice to see lots of families with young children enjoying a peaceful meal. Everyone seemed happy and content but on closer inspection I noticed that nearly every person (children included) was more or less attached to an electronic device. Mums and Dads on iPhones catching up on social media or playing candy crush or similar whilst children played on all sorts of gaming pads from leapfrogs to iPads to I don’t know what!

Now I’m all for a relaxing meal but is this right?

I am definitely guilty of using my smartphone too much as is my OH.. I’ve even occasionally become a little attached to a game or two ( Temple run amongst them ) but I try not to let it eat into family time. Izzy is yet to get into gaming or electronic devices – she is only 21 months so that’s probably the only reason we have avoided it thus far but she definitely is picking up on how things work and knows to press the home button to get the screen to light up.

It may sound as if I’m against gaming – I’m not.

From a lot of things I’ve read lately there are definite positives to tablets/gaming pads etc. There are lots of educational games and apps around which have shown a marked improvement for some children in subjects such as maths and spelling. Even our local school which has an excellent reputation gives out tablets to the pupils for use at home. I have nieces and nephews as young as 3yrs old who have mastered games which would have me stumped.

Things have certainly changed since the days of the Spectrum when I was younger – we didn’t ever play for very long but this may have been due to the 30 minutes or so loading time for each game. Technology advances are a little scary aren’t they?

How do you feel about children and gaming? Do you see the benefits? Do you have set rules/screen time allowances for your little ones?

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4 thoughts on “Gaming for kids – yay or nay?

  1. There is a time and a place. There are times (hour long wait at a really slow eatery) when toddlers need something besides having to stand/sit still. Back in the day we used to pack a book, crayons, and scratch paper. You just need to have really expectations for your kiddos and be prepared to meet their needs. Sometimes you aren’t expecting to be in the situation and you aren’t prepared with crayons–out come the tablets. Don’t judge because one never knows the situation…

    • I totally agree and I’m not judging anyone – sorry if it seemed I was. We often use the iPad to put a film on for Izzy for long journeys she just isn’t into the games etc yet but I know that time will come. We always pack crayons, books etc too. I think what I noticed more of this time was parents on devices and not interacting with the children and I think that’s sad but I can’t judge as I catch myself doing it at times.

      • Oh, golly! Now I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say you judge! I looked back and, yup, I said it. Oops. I meant that very generally. It’s something I tell myself ALL THE TIME because every time I do it, sure enough, I find myself in a situation where my family is doing the same thing. You know I think you are fabulous…why else would I keep reading your stuff?

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