Does my bump look big in this?

It’s getting to that stage in my pregnancy when I start to moan that nothing fits and if it fits I look fat.

My stomach is ..big. My face is starting to get rounder. My ankles are cankling already and my right leg is swollen. It’s not a good look. Add to that I am now wearing a thick white stocking due to a DVT scare last weekend and I bet you are thinking I am one hot mama hey? It’s really not that bad. In fact on most days I quite like my pregnancy shapes..especially my blooming chest but on some days I feel bleurgh.

Luckily this time around I am pregnant at a time when maternity wear is cool. Of course Kate ( as in Royal Kate ) is pregnant so all the major brands have hurriedly created some really pretty maternity lines just at the right time for me ..Woop!

So far I have jeans, tunics, vests, bras and I am on the look out for some dresses and if my leg decides to stop swelling maybe even some maternity shorts luckily I’ve been offered quite a few products to review otherwise I would be broke.

I need to find something special but not too extravagantly expensive for a wedding in September when I will be blooming nicely at 7 months..any brand recommendations? I am definitely planning flat shoes but with the UK weather and my increased size I really do not know what kind of dress to buy.

Were there any items of clothing you wish you had been able to buy when pregnant? Did you like your pregnancy shape? Anyone else have any DVT scares?

A recent bump and Alex from Madagascar at the Britmums Live 2013 conference:


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