We heart Kiddicare

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited along with a small group of fellow bloggers to visit the newly opened Kiddicare Bristol in Cribbs Causeway. If like me you have previously never been to a Kiddicare store and you are expecting or already have a baby or young child then you simply have to go. The prices are fab – in fact if you find anything they have in stock cheaper in another store or online then they will not only match the price but knock an additional 25% off too which is pretty awesome. The main attraction for me is that everything is laid out and on display in store. Every type of car seat, every type of pram and all the cots/toys etc.

The store is also really attractive:

Check out the bib bunting:


I really liked that you could take the prams for a wander in walk in the park:


And that children are encouraged to try out the toys and have a good old play:



I fell in love with lots of products..including this


Children are not only welcomed but catered for in every way:




For pregnant ladies you can measure your bump:


After a tour, some coffee and cake the Kiddicare team had a treat in store for the little ones with a cooking lesson run by a local cookery school:

I can cook:





We ended the day with paninis in the lovely cafe before being given a haul of goodies to take home:


Thanks Kiddicare – we will definitely be back!

* We were invited to the event at Kiddicare and given a free goodie bag


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