Help me kit out my Kitchen

If you know me at all you know how much I love to cook. My kitchen is my place and I’m always looking for ways to improve what little space we have as well as you know buy the ESSENTIAL gadgets I need to make me a better chef 😉

Probably because of overuse my kitchen gadgets and appliances are all starting to break around the same time. Nightmare. I’m having to start trawling around the shops and maybe Pinterest for ideas which can be quite fun I guess.

What are your essential kitchen bits?

My microwave, kettle, toaster, oven and fridge freezer could all do with being replaced although due to budget it will not be done at the same time. There are so many brands and types of devices now that it’s so hard to choose – I mean yes of course I would love an ice dispenser on the front of a swanky new freezer but do I need it? Would I even use it? Probably not a lot.

Just choosing a basic toaster or microwave isn’t simple anymore. Do I want a toaster that can make eggs at the same time? Or a microwave that is also a combi oven? Hmm.

If you had to choose your top 5 gadgets/appliances what would you pick.. And why? Is it because they look good or are they just really useful?

For me the ones I use the most are:

My oven – obvious one I guess
Fridge freezer
Slow cooker
Smoothie maker*

Aargh 3 out of the 5 are on the verge of dying. Tell me what brands you use and if you recommend them.

*By the way I am not an uber health whizz who is forever making smoothies but I use it to make soup, smoothies, milk shakes and crush ice etc for cocktails ( or mocktails for the moment) and this is also probably going to die soon!

Help kitchen and foodie lovers.

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2 thoughts on “Help me kit out my Kitchen

  1. I am crazy about my slow cooker since I was introduced to it just a few months ago. I also love my bread machine – I’ve had one for nearly 10 years but when we relocated to the UK we got rid of our Panasonic one which I regret, if I were to buy one now it would be Panasonic.

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