Pregnancy LIES

This is a bit of a ranty post.. I apologise in advance. It was originally meant for Mommatwos Sunday Soapbox and it’s only 2 days later… Oops.

Before you get pregnant or maybe even while you are pregnant people will tell you lies.. They may be white lies..myths..old wives tales. Below are the most common ones:

1. This oil/moisturiser will stop you getting stretch marks.

WRONG. I practically bathed in bio oil when I was pregnant with my daughter and guess what – stretch marks. Moisturisers are great for keeping your extremely stretched skin supple and feeling good but stretch marks are genetic. If your mum got them the chances are so will you. Sorry about that. Also getting to 30+ weeks and being all woohoo I didn’t get stretch marks is asking for trouble – mine appeared overnight at about 34wks. On the plus side – they do fade.

2. You should eat for two.

Not only do you not need to do this – you actually only need an extra 250-300 calories but also it’s unlikely you will want to. In the first trimester you will mostly be avoiding excess food and later on there isn’t room for it so eating for two is out. Eating cake however is an essential part of baby development. Honest.

3. The size/shape of your bump will differ on the sex of the baby

Twaddle. Utter twaddle. Everyone told me I was having a boy on Izzy even after my scan old ladies would say oooh it’s a boy I can tell by the way you are carrying.


4. Lots of heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair

Wrong again. I almost took out shares in Gaviscon in my last pregnancy and I guzzled milk all day long as I suffered with horrid heartburn and guess what – she’s 21 months and is only now starting to have a little but of hair.

5. Along with the second trimester your pregnancy glow will appear

In my case this is wrong. In lots of cases this is wrong and it can almost make you feel guilty. I’m a lot more tired now than in my first trimester although the sickness is easing and I’m certainly not glowing. Yet.

6. Labour is like bad period pains

A fellow tweeter shared this *lie*. I’ve heard similar variations of it myself. It’s definitely a lie. I’m not sure any women I know who has experience childbirth would describe this as like period pains.

Childbirth is probably (hopefully – as in I hope you don’t experience more pain) the most painful experience you will have – luckily it comes with the absolute best experience you will ever have so it is definitely worth it. As I’ve told my yet to be pregnant friends .. I’m doing it again so you obviously forget just how bad it is.

7.You won’t be able to sit down for weeks

Now don’t get me wrong things will be a little sore ..maybe even a lot sore but you will be able to sit down. You may want to sit down more gently than normal but it’s really ok. I had an episiotomy and the first few days (probably due to adrenaline) I didn’t really notice any pain. After that it was tender but it was manageable and you will get some good pain relief in the hospital.

It may sound like I hate pregnancy and well I’m probably not its biggest fan. I am however still overjoyed to be pregnant knowing that in just under 5 months I will be welcoming my wonderful baby into the world. Pregnancy is an amazing experience and although this time around has been far from straightforward I still feel very lucky that I’m able to carry baby 2.

What fibs were you told?


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