Phone, laptop, TV? What couldn’t you live without?

I don’t know about you but our electric bills seem to be getting bigger each month. The cost of energy is soaring. What are we doing about it? In our case we have tried (although perhaps not as much as we should have) to reduce the amount of appliances we use and at the very least to make sure that we turn things off when not in use.

How many times have you been at home sitting in one room for the entire evening but with possibly 3-4 different rooms lit up? I try to make sure now we only have lights on that are essential and where possible we use the energy efficient bulbs. I also turn off appliances rather than standby.

What electrical appliances could you not live without? I’m not talking about what you would choose on a desert island ( after all what desert islands have electricity hey?) but what do you use every day and that if you had to stop you would truly miss?

For me it’s the following:

Baby monitor : we have used a Tommee Tippee sensor monitor since our daughter was born and its been wonderful. It gives us peace of mind and recently has let us listen in on some rather funny conversations that she has with herself in the early mornings.

iPad/laptop/wifi connection : As a blogger I need the Internet. I use my iPad for blogging, banking, reading on my kindle app or just to catch up with friends online. I would miss this a LOT.

Slow cooker/kitchen bits: I love my kitchen and although I am an old fashioned cook ( I tend to make cakes using a wooden spoon rather than a kitchen aid ) I would miss my slow cooker.. My electric whisk.. My smoothie make and my kettle!


Washing machine : As a mum of a toddler I would be lost without a washing machine.

TV: As much as I hate to admit this I would definitely miss my TV. We really don’t watch an awful lot of telly but Izzy enjoys the bedtime hour on Cbeebies and well I like the odd cooking show and obviously Game of Thrones! We all like Shrek 🙂


So that’s my essential list.. What’s on yours?

*this is a sponsored post


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