Home sweet home

In the last 2 years we have made a lot of improvements to our home. Nothing major or ridiculously expensive but little things which have slowly made it more and more into a family home.

There is still a LOT on our to do list.

1. Bathroom

2. Chimney removal

3. A lot of redecorating

4. Completion of our conservatory renovation

5. Garden makeover

6. Spare room makeover

7. Completion of my pantry!

A lot yes? I would LOVE to get all this done before baby 2 arrives in November but really I know it’s not possible ..both from a budget point of view and also time!

So we are aiming to hopefully do these 4 :

Removing the chimney at side of house – this has to be done as is causing a leak.

My pantry – this is really not essential to anyone but me and is a bit of a selfish want.. My kitchen is pretty small and I spend a LOT of time in it. This will help me to be more organised and just make me HAPPY!

Bathroom – it’s a depressing mess. We need a new bath and floor and we need to tile the room. Fun. On the plus side my very handy OH has already made an awesome cabinet for it. Yay.


Garden – this is exciting for all of us. Izzy adores the garden but at the moment it’s cluttered with rubble and so although we spend a lot of time there you can’t take your eyes off her for a second.
I have lots of wonderful ideas for it ..some of which may never happen but fingers crossed hey.

Wouldn’t some decking just look soooo pretty? I think this is my favourite one


Garden makeover starts this week with Izzys grandad and daddy getting hard at work removing rubble and tidying up. Exciting huh? For me anyway.

Once the have to do list is finally completed.. By next summer perhaps we can move onto the making the house pretty stage..I may like a little porch at some point. I think most of the time we neglect the front of our house yet it’s the first thing visitors see.

Anyway that’s my to do list! What’s on yours? Anything absolutely essential that you just have to get done?

* this is a sponsored post.


2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. that decking is nice, the sunny weather always makes me want to improve the garden! hope you manage to make yours nice

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