My lovely lady bumps..

At 17 weeks pregnant with baby number 1 I was still managing to conceal it pretty well..I had a bump and my chest was ahem ..starting to swell but it wasn’t hey smack you in the face noticeable.

This time around my bump is huge. Really. I’ve only gained 4lbs due to LOTS of sickness but my belly is BIG. My boobs are definitely a good deal bigger than last time too.

A lot is different the second time around:

1. I was sicker earlier and far more severe than the first time.

2. My stomach popped very quickly… Apparently this is normal as your muscles remember the first pregnancy. But really – should I have been showing at 6 weeks? Madness.

3. My chest is bigger.. and ouch more tender. Removing my bra is an incredible relief.

4. I felt movement earlier. Flutterings started weeks ago but proper definite movements started this week.

5. I’ve been more tired – I didn’t really notice the tiredness last time at all. This time woah I’ve been exhausted .. I’m guessing a combo of extra sickness, stress due to the scares we have had and having an exuberant toddler has contributed to that.

6. I’ve only bought 1 baby item thus far. Last time I didn’t go overboard but by this time I had bought lots of gender neutral newborn bits. This time it’s been a combination of not wanting to buy things I don’t really need until we know the sex and being scared to buy anything until we past the 20wk scan.

7. I worry more.

Now don’t get me wrong whilst I am definitely finding it harder in many ways than last time there are some definite positives:

1. We are a family now. We felt complete as a family before we found out I was pregnant but this has truly brought us all together.

2. It had made me and my OH even closer as we have dealt with some tough times. Stronger.

3. I have an absolutely amazing toddler who makes me laugh each day no matter what has happened. She hugs my belly and talks to the baby ( I don’t think she actually gets it) and I just know she will be a fabulous older sister.

4. I’m pregnant again. So lucky to be. I will be a mother of two in just under 5 months.

5. When pregnant with Izzy I didn’t know anybody else (locally) who was pregnant or had a newborn. This time I have two real life friends ( one who just gave birth, the other due before me) and a whole heap of online support from twitter and fellow bloggers. A HUGE thank you goes to the wonderful women/men who have answered my questions, sent positive messages and just generally been awesome on twitter and via the blog so far. You know who you are.

Here is a bump pic update for you who have asked to see:


And an Izzy pic.. Just because she is so darn cute.


PS. If anybody knows why lately I can’t seem to write a blog title without using song lyrics then please let me know. Can I blame baby brain? Sure I can.



3 thoughts on “My lovely lady bumps..

  1. Gorgeous pics! My tummy totally popped really early on with pregnancy number 2 too – I was in maternity jeans before my 12 week scan, which was mad as it took me ages to fill any maternity clothes first time round. I loved second time round as I felt more relaxed and loved the fact that there was so much more online support than 6 years before. Enjoy and I look forward to meeting you and seeing your lovely bump at Britmums!

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