Is Baby Brain for real?

I’m just over 16 weeks pregnant and it seems that with the arrival of the second trimester a sizeable chunk of my brain has decided it no longer needs to function.

Which makes me ask the question.. Does baby brain exist.. Or is it just an excuse?

In the last week I have lost numerous in completely lost them. There are only so many places that 6 placemats can hide surely? I lost a half full jar of pepper and literally pulled my kitchen apart looking for it – this morning my OH asked me why there was an EMPTY jar of pepper in the fridge. Which means that not only did I forget where I put it but I also forgot I had used it all up.

I constantly forget to reply to emails, texts and tweets – Sorry about that. If its important do not feel you are being rude if you need to give me a nudge.

I almost put a chocolate fudge cake in the oven without adding the eggs. Kinda crucial ingredient.

According to scientists these days:

Forgetful mothers who prove the ‘baby brain’ really does exist

It is a condition familiar to any woman who has been pregnant.
It has now been confirmed by scientists – ‘baby brain’ does exist.
An increased risk of losing things is just one of the many odd effects pregnancy can have, researchers claim.
They found that women in the later stages of pregnancy tend to suffer a loss of spatial memory – the recall of locations and positions of objects.
The problem was apparent in the last six months of pregnancy and lasted at least three months after a woman had given birth.

So there it is – it exists.

I don’t remember it being quite so bad on my first but maybe it’s being pregnant and having a toddler combined which accelerates it?

Did you suffer with baby brain? Do you still? Any tips for helping to stay organised?


2 thoughts on “Is Baby Brain for real?

  1. It totally exists…..however I beg to differ that it goes away 3 months post-partum! Just accept you’re allowed to be scatty and everyone will excuse you for it.

  2. I have had baby brain for 5 years since first being pregnant. It doesn’t get any better. I think your brain has enough to cope with without remembering all the trivial things too. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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