Bumps, Bras and Baby

I’m just into the second trimester of my pregnancy and unfortunately still feeling pretty lousy but I do have the odd day here and there where I feel fine so for that I am extremely grateful. I think I’ve stopped losing weight and my belly is most definitely there for all to see..wooo I do like a good baby bump. I am still at the stage however where I feel fat rather than obviously pregnant so no bump shots just yet sorry. I will however share with you this awesomely clear photo from our check up scan on Tuesday:


All is fine with baby and if all continues to plan we won’t need another scan until 20wks which is a big relief.

I haven’t had any real obvious cravings yet although lemonade lollies have helped a lot with the nausea. My food aversions aren’t quite as extreme as they were a few weeks ago and I’m managing to eat meat again finally. Tiredness isn’t too extreme really but on the days where I’m sick I get pretty worn out quickly. 4pm seems to be my only really difficult time when it comes to keeping my eyes open.

Izzy is coping well with the more tired/less energetic mum and has been opting for lots of cuddle time. She also loves to stroke my belly and kiss it saying ahhhhhh baby. I really don’t think she gets it but its rather cute.

During the pregnancy so far I’ve been really lucky to receive items from a number of pretty amazing brands such as Blossom mother and child, Seraphine, Isabella Oliver and Bravado to review for the blog. Look out for reviews over the next few months, I promise to included lots of pics and honest opinions.

First up I want to tell you about a bra I was sent from Bravado following a twitter appeal for pregnant/nursing bloggers. When I opened the packaging I was a bit disappointed ( sorry I said I’d be honest) as it was a rather shocking pink. The colour was a limited edition and I can imagine a lot of people loving it but pink isn’t really my thing. Anyway initial opinion set aside I immediately removed my current instrument of torture and tried it on and it was instant bliss. It seriously is BY FAR the comfiest bra I’ve ever worn – it was also at a point when my pregnant chest was at its most tender and it felt like a comfy blanket supporting my dear friends. I’ve worn it under outfits ( when the pink can’t be seen ) also to bed.. its the only bra I’ve been able to wear to sleep lately and also just for lounging around the house. It offers a lot more support than most maternity bras I’ve tried and gives a great shape too. It washes very well too. I’ll keep you posted on how the bra holds up throughout the pregnancy. The one I was sent to try is: Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra The colour I have is no longer available but it’s available in a range of others.. I’m quite tempted to purchase the black.

I’ll post pics when I take some bump shots but for now my bed is calling.

Night x

*I was sent the bra for free to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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