You make me smile

You are just 19 months old but sometimes you seem so wise. Like when you put your hand on your chin and say “Hmmmmm”

Every morning when you see my bare belly you point and say “Baby..hiyaaaaaaa” this is normally followed by an air kiss and a big mwah sound. You will be a fabulous big sister.

I can’t believe how much you have changed in the past month. You shock me daily with your new words and your fumbling sentences.

My favourite today: “Maaaaaaam…what you doing?”

You say gone or goned a million times a day. When I pull my top down over my stomach you say “Baby gone” when one of us leaves the room you say “Mammy/daddy goned me” tonight I asked you where daddy was and you said “gone work” – you are so clever.

If you drop a toy or some food you say “Oh no no no” in the saddest voice.

You are so good when we go out and you will eat nearly every piece of food we put in front of you but you are mischievous and stubborn in the cutest of ways. You know when you are doing something naughty and you look at me and say No even before I do – unfortunately this doesn’t mean you stop doing it. I can see your determination already and I can only imagine some of the tantrums that could be in store for us but I love your spirit.

Sleep is still pretty good for us. You still nap for around 90mins – 2 hours at midday and you sleep most nights from 7pm-8am. Most nights you ask to go to bed just before 7.. You don’t stop during the day so you must get awfully tired – just before bed we have baby cuddles where you lie in our arms like a baby. You are a big fan of this. You love your morning play in your cot with your special upstairs toys and it means occasionally we have a nice lie in. Thanks for that 😉

On days when I feel pregnant walking through lead tired and sick of feeling sick you seem to sense it and come over for cuddles and kisses much more than normal – my special girl.

You are so happy when you see us each morning and I hope that never changes.

You love your grandparents and your aunts/uncles and cousins. You are surrounded by love and you revel in it. You know when we get closer to Grandma or Nanas house and you tell us – this is new and amazed us.

You are a big dog lover and I can see us having to indulge this and buy you one when you are older. It also makes me a little wary as you always want to cuddle them.

You have nearly all your teeth and they look so darn cute.

You still love In the Night Garden and Mr Tumble who I imagine you will be so excited to see at Camp Bestival love music and dancing..especially when we say freeze and you hold your pose just like they do on Show me Show me. You like the TV but we limit it and you love to play much more.

Daddy takes you out on his bike and he’s teaching you to skate..most days you are a real Daddy’s girl but I can live with that.. I know you love your mammy.

If Dad leaves to go to work within 5 minutes you will come to me and cuddle for the longest time as if you don’t want me to leave too.

You can now say Clock more or less correctly. It occasionally sounds a bit different. This is amusing.

I can’t wait for the baby to arrive and complete our family but I am loving this time too. With just you being you. I’m glad we have had this time.

I only wrote an update about you a month or so ago and this may never interest anyone else but me and you but this is for YOU. One day I will let you read this so you will know that every day you make me smile, make my heart burst with love and make us both so very proud to be your parents.



6 thoughts on “You make me smile

  1. Such a lovely post . Like that she says oh no no no when dropping food 🙂 that made me laugh! Also I don’t like fussy eaters if you pander to kids then obviously they will be fussy everything they know you have shown them. So good job you 🙂

  2. This post made me smile too 🙂 I love taking the time to take a step back and note down the wonders of our kids. Time flies so quickly that you do forget, I see it already with my 6 year old, so I’m trying to capture every moment now with both our girls. It’s lovely that your little one will be able to see this when she’s older too. So precious.

  3. I love this, I had the biggest grin whilst reading it, and laughed out loud at the clock sentence! What a precious daughter you have xx

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