The Wait – First trimester

I’m writing this post at 8weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I won’t however be posting it until I am safely past the 12 week scan.

This is hard.

The Wait.

I thought the two week wait was difficult ( the 2 weeks wait to find out if you are pregnant) but woah this is much harder. I have known I am pregnant for exactly 4 weeks. The first two weeks were pretty great, we have been trying for baby number 2 for a little while and to be able to tell my amazing man that I was pregnant on his birthday was pretty special and we were both on a bit of a high .. albeit a very tired high for me. The last 2 weeks have been not so great, we encountered some difficulties and well I was convinced there would not be a positive outcome. I’ve had 2 scans already and I’m only 8 wks pregnant – most people don’t even have their first scan until 12 wks which is hopefully ( if all is well in the next few weeks) when my 3rd scan will be. It’s been a very scary time and its not over yet.

The risks of miscarriage before 12 weeks are incredibly high – 1 in 5. Did you know that? Isn’t that frightening? I’m glad that my pregnancy with Izzy although full of sickness was also very straightforward.

I’ve been sick as sick can be for the past 3 weeks which is a positive sign! Yay for HCG hormones!! Don’t even get me started on the food aversions. It’s incredible how the horrors of morning sickness can be a relief to you when you are paranoid about the health of your growing baby.

I’ve tried to be a little removed but well we all know that’s just not possible right? I’ve seen his/her heartbeating on a scan and felt the overwhelming relief of knowing that at that moment in time everything was ok I can’t help but feel connected.

I really hope that in 4 weeks time I will be shouting my happy news to you from the rooftop but for now I just don’t know and well all I can do is wait.

* As you will know from yesterday’s far all is going well and I’m at the 12wk point (approximately) 😀


8 thoughts on “The Wait – First trimester

  1. I’m so glad you’re through the 1st trimester, I really hate that one! I felt like you this time last year when pregnant with C, it took a while to conceive both times round and having already had an early miscarriage before having our first baby I’m always anxious. I hope you get to start enjoying things now x

  2. I hated the first trimester. It’s the worse one especially if you’ve had problems or suffer with awful sickness. So very pleased and happy that you are safely at week 12 xxx

  3. I completely agree, the first trimester is so hard. I think harder than the later stages when you’re tired and uncomfortable, because in the first 3 months there’s no reassuring kicks and wriggles. I’m so glad your baby made it safely through!

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