I’m dreaming of a new bathroom

Is there anything more comforting than a bubble bath. If you have a hard day at work or a particularly gruelling work out ( ha not me) it eases your aching bones. When you are pregnant it soothes your stretching skin and after your baby is born a lavender bath can ease a world of pain.

I’m a bath girl, I really am. I don’t ask for much. A clean quiet space where I can spend my 30 minutes of me time..a few bubbles..deliciously warm water and a large vanilla candle burning away.

However at present my bathroom looks like this:

My cracked bath.. Patched up.


The mess…


More mess..


It’s rather depressing. I don’t spend much time in here at all.

We had some problems with damp, hence the stripped walls. We have now been told that our bath and sink need to move to the opposite side of the room to avoid this happening again. Our bath is broken – cracked in two places with a panel hanging on by a thread. The floor needs to come up and the walls need to be retiled. All in all it’s a huge job but its not as if we have anything else on at the moment like an incredibly active toddler and oh yes I’m pregnant.

Ahhhh it’s a bit of a mess but at the moment it’s still working ( mostly ) and so it’s being left in sorry state of disrepair until we get the time and money to rectify it.

If I could describe my dream bathroom in one word it would be tranquil. As a mother I value the small amount of time I get to myself and a place to completely relax is the order of the day.

As a family we love the sea and so we would love a beach theme with driftwood and shades of water and sand in the tiles and floor.

I created a dream bathroom Pinterest board which you can see here


B is for bubbles – myself and my daughter love a bubble bath! I want somewhere where I can relax and my child can have fun.

A is aqua.. I love images of water and find it very calming. I want our room to be heavily influenced by the ocean.

T is for tiles. My dream bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling and is like a wet room. All the better for big, splashey fun!

H is for heated towel rail. Fluffy towels warm and waiting after a bath will be blissful in the colder months.

R is for romance. Big chunky candles and low lighting will make our bathroom a romantic room. Perfect for when the little ones are in bed and we want to share a bath.

O is for open space. The one good thing about our bathroom is that it is big! Bigger than my kitchen which is annoying but I want to keep the open space and avoid too much clutter.

O is for ours. This bathroom is OUR space. As much as I would love a space just of my own, pretty soon I will have two young children who will want to enjoy it so storage for toys and bath play things is essential! Keeping a shower is always something I have to to keep my man happy!

M is for money. At the moment we just don’t have the money to do this. Winning this comp would mean a safer, smarter bathroom and one major job crossed off the To do list before baby 2 comes.

The bathroom I have chosen from the 12 on offer is this one


It’s pretty and functional and ideal for our family!

We would love to win this DREAM bathroom.

This is my entry to the Bathshop321 and tots100 dream bathroom competition.


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