The 50 breads challenge 3,4 & 5

I do apologise for the delay in updating you on my Breads challenge but I have still been baking I promise!

I have actually completed a further 3 bakes in my 50 breads challenge but I am still a long way from my target..oops better get my skates on.

Recipe No.3 was a basic white loaf which I somehow neglected to take a photo of .. Sorry! It was good and I’m surprised that I’ve never tried a plain loaf before. Izzy loved it too. The recipe was from Paul Hollywoods How to Bake book.

Recipe No.4 was a variation on a flatbread recipe that I tried a while back which you can read about hereThe simple addition of Sichuan peppercorns (crushed) and chilli&garlic rapeseed oil made this a super tasty bake. Yum.

They are meant to look rather blackened don’t you know?



Recipe No.5 was Foccacia. I will almost certainly be repeating this recipe within the next fortnight. So so so so good. The recipe I used was from my River Cottage book and you can actually find it on the River Cottage site here

I used my spiced salt ( seasalt, chilli flakes and star anise) along with a chilli and garlic rapeseed oil in my dough and chopped fresh rosemary on top. It was my first attempt and I absolutely loved it.

Before first prove:


And after:


Shaping ready for the tin:


Ready to bake:


Just out of oven:


Cooling while I eagerly await a taste:


What do you recommend for number 6?


4 thoughts on “The 50 breads challenge 3,4 & 5

  1. Homemade tortillas (either flour or corn) are super delicious and pretty easy (if time consuming) to make. I’ve been having a lot of fun making sour-dough recently, though that’s quite a bit more involved since you have to tend to your starter.

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