Countdown to Camp Bestival #1

It’s that time of year again when I am officially allowed to start getting excited about Festival Season! Wooop.

It’s just 153 days until Camp Bestival. That’s less than 5 months (just) and there is so much to get excited over.

This is the first in a series of posts I’m going to write about all the amazing things that CB 2013 has to offer and well if you haven’t bought tickets by May I’ll be shocked.

Last year we only found out we were going about 2 weeks before we went and here is what we were most looking forward to then : 2012 Preview

It was far better than we could even imagine and I really do intend to go every year for a LONG
time to come.

Anyway here is a very quick summary of what we are looking forward to the most so far – things are still being announced so this list will get longer I’m sure. In no particular order:

The Levellers – I loved the Levellers when I was younger so really excited to see/hear them live.

Mr Tumble – We are all very excited to see Mr T this year. He was fab last year but Izzy was too young to really get it but fast forward to now and he is her hero so I’m excited to see her face light up when he appears on stage.. And if she gets to actually meet him ..well I don’t know who would be happier… Because as we all know Mr Tumble is funnyyyyyyyyy.

Dick n Dom – these guys were hilarious last year so will be fun to see them again.

Barry Ashworth ( DubPistols ) we have seen Barry perform with Dub Pistols 4 times now in different festivals and its always an amazing show.

Howard Marks – the bedtime story was one of the highlights for us last year and we will definitely be lounging in the grass to hear this years Howard take on a classic. Last year was Jack and the beanstalk – told in a way I’d certainly never heard it before.

Music we want to listen to : Gabrielle Aplin, Richard Hawley, The Cuban Brothers and many many more.

What we want to do:

The Wall of Death – we watched it twice last year and these super talented and crazily brave ( or just crazy ) group of stunt riders were fascinating. So glad it’s back this year.

Dance Space: excited to see this new feature of CB which you can read more about here

Visit the free sports park

Check out the pantomime

Go to the Young British Foodies tent – ah last year this place was heaven to me. The very best of British food in one tent with supremely tasty cocktails to wash it down with. Yum.

Visit the WI cake & tea tent. Last year it was too busy every time but I’m determined to get in early this time.

Eat lots of proper festival food: last year we indulged in Burritos from Luardos, Ribs from the famous Ribman and Paella as well as Churros.. Ice cream and of course Pimms.

If you want to read about last year you can do so here

A lot of people on twitter ask me if its easy to take a baby to Camp Bestival and it really is. Izzy was 9 months at last years CB and we all had a fab time. It’s a festival for all ages. If you have any questions at all or any concerns that I can help with please write them in the comments box and I will answer them all in my next post.

My next post will focus on what to take, all of the new things that feature at this years festival and how to enjoy yourselves with a baby at a festival.


Until next time…

If you want to buy tickets you can do so here:Tickets

* Camp Bestival have given me tickets for this years festival and in return I will be writing a series of posts on the festival. All views are my own.. Or Izzys 🙂


7 thoughts on “Countdown to Camp Bestival #1

  1. I really want to go! I’m not sure if we will because of the expense. We could get a week’s holiday for only a bit more so I’m tempted to go down that route. The line up this year is brilliant and I know my two would love it. Bud would be 3.4years and Little Miss would be 11months. Oh, I so want to go. Going to have some serious discussions with OH!

    • If you go Thursday to Monday it feels like a holiday. It’s worth the expense as you will have such amazing memories and you can budget while there .. Look at last years posts for some tips. It is so so worth it and I can’t recommend it enough x

  2. We’ve been thinking about going camping/to a festival this summer but C is just 3.5 months now and my only real fear is how to keep her warm enough at nights when camping. How did you do this? Whenever I camp in the UK I get really cold at night (too long spent camping in the south of France when we lived there!). Any tips? At home she sleeps in a grobag, but obviously this doesn’t keep her arms warm.

    • I would use a babygro with a cardigan style top (not knitted like a hoody fabric?) on top so her arms are warm. It was gorgeous weather when we were there but at an earlier festival it was colder and she was fine. Use a winter gro bag (2.5 tog) too. You would adore CB it’s such good fun and I’d love to see you there xx

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