A star in the sky

Over the last few weeks I’ve been torn as to whether to write a post on this or not. To post felt a little rude, after all I never knew the family ( at least not outside the twitter and blogging world) and it was not my grief to be grieving.. That sentence probably makes no sense.

But the fact is I have been grieving, as have so many of you. For a beautiful child who we never met and for a family we all want to to hug and make everything a little better. I’ve seen Twitter become even more of a community .. I’ve read poems and songs which have both tears and happiness bursting from them. I’ve read thoughts and blog posts from an inspiring woman who makes me want to be a better mother. Who despite the mountain of grief she is dealing with continues to think of others and create happy memories for her young twins.

To not post in the end felt worse. I feel it only right to acknowledge what happened and to help raise awareness.

I have become wary, I hold my child that little tighter and I am aware of any possible danger. At night the reassuring flashing light on her monitor is the only reason I get sleep. From what I have read all of you parents who know of this tragedy have felt the same.

This terrible thing and it truly is terrible has only one benefit. We are now more aware of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and there are so many websites giving information. A lot of people ( me included) thought that the risk ends at 6 months. This is not the case. If you are a parent or expectant parent read up on it. Don’t let it spoil your newborn time but be aware.

We are dependant on our baby monitor ( Tommee Tippee sensor one ) it is the best purchase we have made for a baby product. I almost stopped using it at 12 months thinking that there was no need but the peace of mind it gives me is worth any annoying noise or flashing light a million times over.

There is nothing left to say except for the family – my thoughts are always with you. You cross my mind more times than you can imagine. For MM you will always be the brightest star in the sky.

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