Superfood Smoothie

Did I tell you that I am a member of Foodies100? It’s a bloggers community or a directory I guess of British food and drink bloggers. One of the best part about being a member is that you can get involved in various competitions and challenges. A few weeks ago I saw an interesting competition in connection with Almond Breeze milk. All you had to was register for some free samples of Almond Milk ( woohoo freebie ) and make up your own breakfast smoothie. Easy right? No. Not actually. My disaster zone of a kitchen will tell you that trying to invent your own exciting (but heathy – it’s for breakfast) smoothie is quite hard. Everyone knows how to make a banana smoothie or a strawberry one and I didn’t want to go too off the wall or indulgent either. Hmmm. Luckily they sent me two 1litre cartons so I had a good play around in the kitchen.. Lots of mess and tasters later I think I’ve made up my mind.

Drum roll for the ….Superfood Smoothie!

So it still contains banana.. As do the majority of smoothies and obviously almond milk but what else? Well Spinach for a start, Oats, Pineapple and Goji Berries.. Maybe it doesn’t sound that inviting but it’s pretty damn tasty.

To make your very own superfood smoothie you will need:

1 large banana ( ripe if possible ..mine was greenish but I prefer them a bit yellow/brown)
2 tbsp of chopped pineapple ( I used fresh but tinned would be fine)
Approx 200ml of Almond breeze Milk
5 or 6 Almond milk ice cubes ( these take around an hour in the freezer)
1 tbsp Goji berries
1 large handful of baby leaf spinach ( stems removed on larger leaves)
1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon
1 tbsp of oats


If you have a smoothie maker this is easy work, otherwise a normal blender would do the job.

Add all of your ingredients and blend until smooth, add more milk if you prefer a thinner finish.

This makes two good sized glassfuls.

I don’t know the calorie content of this but it can’t be too bad. It’s so packed full of healthy things you will feel good about it all day long and maybe feel ok about eating that slice of chocolate cake in the afternoon.

I’d never tried Almond milk before but I’d definitely have it again. My OH loves it on its own and I’ve enjoyed it a Nutella hot choc with it too.

Some facts for you:

The unsweetened variant of almond milk boasts 60 per cent fewer calories than even skimmed milk, as well being low in saturated fat and a good source of calcium!

Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants

Goji berries have all 18 amino acids as well as mega doses of vitamin A (beta carotene), B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E.



2 thoughts on “Superfood Smoothie

  1. Looks great but I baulk slightly at the spinach. I’m sure you wouldn’t taste it though. The milk, I am v. curious about that. Is it expensive?

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