Picture me happy – PrinterPix Competition

I’ve always liked taking photos and never really liked being in them. When I had Izzy I went into overdrive taking photos of her every 5 minutes it seemed. When I realised I had taken thousands of pics in her first year ..it seemed a bit mad. Is it mad though to want to capture everything? Childhood is so fleeting and that funny little face they made for 5 seconds when eating their first strawberry may last a long time in your memory but wouldn’t it be nicer still if you could have that image perfectly preserved forever? Even if its only ever used to embarrass them at their 18th birthday party. Definitely.

In 95% of the photos we have of Izzy, it’s her on her own or with family members or mostly with her handsome daddy but very rarely with me. I don’t like being in front of the camera and well her first year I felt like I had hardly a minute to brush my hair so I may not have been at my most photogenic during that time! In the photo below my OH has captured me and Izzy at last years Camp Bestival dancing around to Mr Tumble on stage, it was such a happy happy weekend for us and for once the absolute pleasure on her face far outweighed my tired eyes or lack of make up. I felt radiant in the glow of my love for my family. Cheesy? Yes for sure but true. This may not be the most perfect photograph and you could do better with an actual camera ( this was an iPhone snap) but to me it is me as a mother with my ever so beautiful little girl, smiling at the man we both love. It couldn’t be more perfect in my eyes.

Thank you to Tots100 for making me dig through my photos and reminding me of some special times. Its also made me realise that even if I don’t want to be in pics, I should be as at some point it will be lovely for my daughter to look back and remember. Tots100 are running a competition where you could win a stack of goodies from Printerpix. This is my entry. I am camera less at present so it would definitely come in handy!


This post is Becky’s entry into the PrinterPix photo competition


8 thoughts on “Picture me happy – PrinterPix Competition

  1. Good for you! I hate pictures as well…why are my eyes always half closed???…but as I get older I realize what a mistake that is. And there is always Photoshop…

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