How happy you make me

Who would have thought 2 years ago that I’d have been so happy spending a week at a British holiday park.. Pretty much entirely sober and cosied up in our cottage from 7pm each night?!

I can thank my family for this. My little family of 3. They make me ridiculously happy.

We have just spent five days at a beautiful place called Bluestones in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Only about 1.5hours from our home but it could have been a million miles away. I should tell you that this is not a sponsored post. We paid for our stay ( a massive bargain at £99 ) and for everything we purchased at the park.

We chose a snowy, cold January day to arrive and everything looked chocolate box pretty:


We kicked off our stay with one of Izzys free lunches:


Included in the £99 payment was breakfast for all 3 of us and also Izzys lunch and evening meal.

Each day for lunch she had an assortment of finger food from the grazing table at The Wildwood cafe. This included: peppers, tomatoes, cheese, carrots, cucumbers, wedges and gorgeous ham – I may have sneaked a taste. There was normally a hot option such as pasta or meatballs.

This week has really encouraged us to feed Izzy more raw vegetables as she loved it! Each day we were astounded by the amount she ate and she fed herself so well. Big proud mammy smiles.

We spent most mornings playing in the giant adventure centre:


Izzy loved running around diving in the ball pit or jumping on the bouncy castle.. She was not a huge fan of the big slides although her Dad was.. And I even had one go!




She loved the various cars and tractors she could ride around and even tried to join one of her playmates as a passenger 😉


Every afternoon we visited the absolutely fantastic blue lagoon which is the swimming pool free to all residents. There are slides, childrens areas.. Family changing rooms and a LAZY river. Awesome. A lazy river which goes outside when it’s snowing but the water is deliciously hot – what an experience. After 5 days we now have one confident water baby!

Each night we went to The Yard where Izzy was entitled to a free 3 course meal ( mam & dad had to have the desserts – too sugary for her 😉 ) and then I cooked for us after she went to bed.

Bluestone is a car free resort so once you unload your luggage you park it away from the village and there is a shuttle running regularly between the facilities. It’s a big place!

Wrapped up warm but still feeling the cold on the shuttle.


The nights were spent relaxing as Izzy slept so well considering the change of habitat and we ate good food had a glass of wine and just chilled I read 2.5 books which felt amazing. I just had the happiest time with my favourite people. I would definitely return.

Isn’t it strange to think that 2 years ago Izzy was not in our lives. I didn’t even know I was pregnant. She has made us both so happy and changed us from a loving couple to a loving, secure family unit. When she is older I hope she reads these blog posts and sees them as a tribute to her. My funny funny girl. She makes me laugh so much each day and even the thought of work on Monday is no longer quite so bad. Some more pics to end this post before I get all teary.



My new dream bath- it fit all 3 of us!


We let Izzy have 1 ride on the Tweenies ride and it gave her 2 extra free turns. She loved it.


1st time on a rollercoaster


Keeping her out of trouble while Mammy gets dressed


On the last day we even found time to meet up with some friends who lived nearby, the lovely Sophie ( @optforoptimism ) and her cute little boy Elijah.

Izzy and Elijah


Hope you have all had a good weekend xx



5 thoughts on “How happy you make me

  1. It sounds like you had a fab time, what a great idea to go out of season – no crowds. I remember Dot’s first holiday, we went to a holiday park in Great Yarmouth, I still get a lump in my throat thinking about it, she was one year old at the time. Lovely memories.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Oh, the red and yellow cars! I just love pictures of littles ones climbing in and out, and back in again….I have some of each of mine doing the same thing. They weren’t very patient passengers.

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