The ultimate sautéed potatoes

This is probably the last ( for a little while) of the slightly unhealthy recipes. Boooo. I really need to be a little ( a lot) healthier over the next few months and I’ll share as many of my healthy recipes with you as possible. The Christmas junk has almost all gone, we have given a lot away as its just not possible to eat that much chocolate.. not without gaining a few stone anyway and I am taking the last open box of chocs into work tomorrow for my colleagues to enjoy. I did pack away a few boxes that don’t have expiry dates until August 2013 so they will come in handy when we need something sweet and save us pennies on our shopping.

Anyway without any more of my waffle here is a very simple recipe for drool worthy sautéed potatoes.

You will need:

A large frying pan
Leftover boiled potatoes ( these work best) or just parboiled potatoes cut into small chunks
Olive oil
Seasalt ( I used Maldon smoked salt)
Crushed peppercorns ( I used normal and Sichuan)

Place a largish nob of butter into your pan along with a large glug of olive oil ( Jamie Olive style) and wait until your oil is fairly hot before adding your potatoes. Cook for a few minutes on a high heat, then lower your heat and cook for a further 5-8 minutes. Finally turn the heat back up and cook for a few more minutes giving your pan a shake occasionally to stop sticking and ensure an even colour on your potatoes. Cover with a healthy pinch of crushed seasalt and peppercorns, give another shake and serve immediately.

These potatoes are so delicious ,even better than chips in my opinion. Using potatoes that you cooked the day before and refrigerated gives the absolute best results.

Yum. For a fiery twist add some dried chilli flakes with your seasoning.



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