Sensational Sprouts

Hands up if you love sprouts? I love sprouts, love them love them love them. I only ever eat them on Christmas Day-why is this? I know it’s traditional but they are sooo good and well I intend to eat them at least a few more times this winter..especially after the quite frankly (pats self on back) amazing recipe I used them in today. I’ve seen a few variations of this kind of recipe and I didn’t stick to any particular one so here is my take on some sensational sprouts which I’m sure could persuade even a hardened sproutaphobe ( that’s not a word – I made it up ) to have a nibble.

Sensational Sprouts

You will need:

200g of fresh sprouts, cleaned and quartered


A handful of chestnuts diced ( I used vacuum packed chestnuts)
50ml of double cream
4 rashers of smoked bacon, diced


1 small chunk of chorizo finely chopped
Parsley ( fresh is best but I used dried today) pepper and pinch of seasalt
Teeny pinch of dried chilli flakes
Knob of butter
A non stick frying pan


Dry fry your diced bacon and chorizo until golden, add your sprouts and butter and sauté for about 7 minutes, add your chestnut, double cream, chilli flakes and seasoning ( not parsley) and cook for a further 4 minutes. When ready to serve sprinkle with parsley and a little more pepper.

This is so tasty. It would of course be wonderful served with your traditional Christmas dinner but it would also make a really delicious side dish with any meats, vegetables or even on its own.

If you love sprouts you will love this, if you hate them I say give it a whirl – it just might change your way of thinking.



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