Takeaway Tuesday

I love cooking but sometimes you cannot beat a takeaway. You may be surprised to learn that although when cooking I love to try new things when I have a takeaway I tend to pretty much always order the same dish.. Chinese chicken curry. I love it. Maybe we will order different accompaniments or extra dishes but I always order this too.

Last month we visited the BBC good food show in London Olympia and we came across a stall for Wing Yip sauces – their slogan is ” All the Chinese you need to know” and they had a fabulous show offer on with 5 sauces for £5 so I thought it would be fun to give them a try. One of the sauces I found was a concentrated chinese curry paste and tonight we gave it a whirl and wow so good.

It’s so simple and cheap that I can imagine a lot of evenings where my takeaway craving will be satisfied without the need to pick up my telephone.

The recipe is simple:

Fry onions and chicken ( or vegetables) in a pan. Whilst this is browning mix 1 part paste to 3/4 parts water and then add to your chicken and onions. Et voila.

I added chopped butternut squash and frozen peas to mine for extra nutritional value and also to me a Chinese takeaway curry is not complete without peas!

I served with half rice and half chips. Really tasty and a fraction of what I would spend on a takeaway.


I am unsure what the standard prices are for Wing Yip products but their website is here and it’s worth checking out as we only used around 1/4 of a jar tonight so it’s definitely purse friendly even if you are paying a little more than the awesome deal we had.

We also had their sweet chilli sauce which is pretty good too and some other treats which we are yet to sample.


* this is not a sponsored post I just thoroughly enjoyed the product*


2 thoughts on “Takeaway Tuesday

  1. 9:06 am by Anonymous chink,you cannot be a real food ctriic without sampling the different cuisines of the world.Try getting out of the kitchen sometime and spending a few quid on good food in a nice restaurant Keep up the good work john

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