BBC Good Food Show Review London Olympia 2012

Earlier this year we were planning a trip to the BBC good food show in Birmingham but typically as can happen when you have a child Izzy picked up a bug and I just didn’t feel right about leaving her with her grandparents so we didnt go and I was sad 😦

Fast forward a few months and I was offered the chance to attend the London show for free and all I had to do was write about it. Well I was determined to be there this time!

So a few weeks ago we hopped on a train at an obscenely early hour and headed to London. When we arrived we were given our press passes (wooo) and we entered the deliciously scented mayhem that is the BBC good food show. Maybe if I was a normal person ( as opposed to a food&kitchen obsessed crazy ) it wouldn’t have been quite as ridiculously exciting but my other half and our two friends that we met there seemed to be swept up in the atmosphere too.


There seemed to be a million different stalls and everything looked/smelled and tasted amazing .. Obviously there weren’t a MILLION stalls but there were lots and I’m still sure after a full day of perusing and sampling that I missed some. How is this possible?

Sampling toffee vodka at 10.30am would normally be something reserved for holidays but technically I was in another country and I was child free so wahoo. By the way the toffee vodka was gorgeous.. And I’m not a vodka lover.

We quickly moved onto cheeses and chutneys and the vastest selection of olive oils I’ve ever seen.


Still not convinced you want to go? Well there was fudge.. And chocolate and the best brownies you will ever taste ( Gower Cottage Brownies ) before we even found the pies/sausages and falafels. We did a taste sensation experiment which was fun and the absolute highlight of my day was being in the front row of Saturday kitchen live watching James Martin, Pierre Koffman and Chris Evans who was hilarious. Andrew got pulled up on stage and we got to try some of the food as well as the wine (scrummy) it was like heaven to me.


I even tried Gin from WhitleyNeil – I hate Gin but they may have converted me as it was beautiful.


I also tried the most amazing Aubergine dip/relish/sauce from The Pelagonia range, it was amazing and I intended to go back and get some and still kicking myself that I forgot. Surely that means I need to go to the next Good food show this weekend in Birmingham .. Hmmm I really wish I was going.


You can buy tickets for all of the Good Food shows here

I highly recommend that you go.

I definitely plan on returning in the hopefully not so distant future as I am still disappointed in missing out on seeing John Torode and Gregg Wallace showing their skills as well as Mary Berry and the lovely Rachel Allen.. Why can’t all my favourites be on the same day?

For more of my photos from the show please click here

I’ll leave you with a pic of me and the extremely funny Chris Evans:


* I was provided with free tickets in exchange for an honest review. Any products mentioned were tested in general public free samples or purchased by myself.


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