Closer than close

Baby wearing seems to be getting increasingly popular these days and I can finally understand why.

I’ve always been a fan of slings/carriers. In fact Izzy was just a few days old when we first used our babasling which was a lovely gift from a family member. We used it lots in the first few months even for breastfeeding and still use it occasionally at home when she’s a bit ratty but she’s just too big for prolonged periods in it.

Babasling – lovely and snug perfect for newborns and little babies, great for feeding


As she got older, heavier and longer I used a Chicco carrier which I didn’t love but it did the job when needed and at festivals last summer I used a Hippy Chick ( a type of seat for your hip). To be honest I thought she was by this age (14 months) and weighing 25lbs a bit too big for a normal carrier but I am very happy to admit I as wrong.

Chicco carrier – does the job but Izzy didn’t seem as comfortable and it hurt me after a while!


A lovely twitter friend of mine (@midwifetomum) is a big babywearing fan and quite some time ago mentioned going to a local sling library which I thought was a great idea and them promptly forgot about it. Quite some time later as we were planning this holiday I thought that it may be a good idea to see if we had a local library that had suitable carriers for this age. Yay I’m so glad I did that google search as we had one locally ( approx 15 min drive) and I managed to loan a mei tai carrier which was just £5 for two weeks (£50 deposit).

We are 3 days into our holiday and already it’s been a lifesaver. For the airport it was so convenient. She slept in it on the plane all cwtched (welsh word) up to her mammy and we have taken long walks, strolls on the beach and she loves it. I get so many kisses and cuddles that I think I’m going to really miss it when we have to give it back. The eBay hunt will commence soon I think.

For anyone who thinks babywearing is just for little babas or hippies. You are wrong.

I’ve always been a fan but now I’m a convert.

Mei tai – great for older babies/toddlers and easy to use.



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