Had to share this with you after the thumbs up from Kerry. It looks tremendous.

Kerry Cooks

Yes, so…. homemade nutella isn’t exactly what you would call British. In fact, nutella is distinctly Italian in origin. But I decided that it would be very much worth interrupting my Best of British month to bring you this recipe, because

  • Its homemade freaking nutella
  • Its delicious, and actually tastes probably BETTER than normal nutella. Additionally, its actually better for you than store-bought nutella, which contains only 13% hazlenuts and a whole lot more sugar
  • You need to make it right now (one sad fact – you will need either a blender or a food processor to make your own nutella)

You’ll need – (makes one medium (?) Bonne Maman jam jar sized amount of nutella, minus whatever you eat before it makes it into the jar). Recipe adapted from here.

  • 2 cups toasted hazlenuts, peeled
  • 10 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder (why not buy the fairtrade one…

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