Dear Izzy

Dear Izzy,

On Sunday you will be 1.. 365 days old. Wowzer. You are such a big girl. I wrote this poem just for you and one day we will read it together:

This time last year

This time last year
I hadn’t met you
Hadn’t squeezed your chubby legs
Or smoothed your soft skin
I hadn’t felt your fingers curl around mine
Or heard you say mama
For the very first time
This time last year
You were still in my belly
Kicking and punching
When I relaxed to watch telly
You were almost ready
But just not quite
Waiting for when you felt the time
Was right
Its been a wonderful year
Tiring sure
But amazing and happy
The best one so far
Each day you discover something
Totally new
And I in turn discover



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