Foodie Penpals Reveal July 2012

This is a short blog post as I have a very long blog post to write and it’s driving me nuts completing it.

I know it’s probably a bit naughty to say this but this month I received my favourite foodie penpal parcel so far. Here is a pic of my goodies:


It included:

* Maldon smoked sea salt
* Sichuan peppercorns
* Goji berries
* peppermint tea
* Dried curry leaves
* Blue poppy seeds
* 2 x caramel shortbreads
* Dark chocolate sesame snaps

Lots of amazing goodies from the very lovely Jenny author of the blog : Bake

Myself and my OH have already munched the shortbreads and sesame snaps whilst the Smoked salt and Sichuan peppercorns have totally reformed our mealtimes including some gorgeous dishes I made whilst camping at Camp Bestival. I am excited to try the poppy seeds and curry leaves and have had a nibble on some Goji berries this eve. All in all I was thrilled.

Thanks Jenny!


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