Getting the best out of Camp Bestival

I’m very excited. In just 10 days myself, Andrew and Izzy are off to Dorset for Camp Bestival!!

If you haven’t heard of Camp Bestival before the you need to go check it out on the CB site as its quite frankly amazing.


There are so many things going on over the 4 days that it’s a little overwhelming but in a very good way.

Here is a little summary of the parts that we don’t want to miss:

1. Howard Marks reading bedtime stories for the children.. Ok so Izzy will probably be already asleep when this happens but I want to hear them. I’ve heard Howard speak at a local theatre ( I imagine the stories he tells here will be different 😉 )and his voice is soft,melodic and well just perfect for bedtime stories.

2. Kool and the gang – yes I most certainly want to celebrate good times and cherish the love. My dad is a huge fan of Kool & the gang so I grew up listening to their fabulous tunes and I can’t wait to see them live. I’m also on a huge autograph hunt for my dad.

3. Rolf Harris – he’s a legend.

4. Jimmy Carr – I love his dry wit and immovable hair and I recently missed out on seeing him perform locally so this is perfect.

5. Little Roy – if you haven’t heard of this man who has recently given Nirvana a reggae makeover check him out here my other half loves Nirvana and we both like reggae

6. Shrek the musical – this shouldn’t be so far down my list as it will probably be the highlight of the festival for Izzy who is very attached to her belching, roaring Shrek toy.


7. The Gruffalo – I have a feeling we will all enjoy this. Isn’t it great having a child and getting to do all the kids stuff again?

8. Festival food – ahh I love festival food. There are so many delectable treats on offer this year but these are what I really want to try:

Roasted corn, smoothies, ice cream (champagne flavour ..yes please), strawberries and cream with a Pimms to wash it down I hope.. The drool inducing tartiflette from La Grande Bouffe ( which I’ve never tried but sounds amazing) fish&chips, pies and salad/wraps for when I start to feel a little guilty. Have to give a special mention to Luardos in their funky pink van… This is street food at its absolute finest. We existed on Luardos burritos and nachos at the last festival we attended and will certainly be having some goodies at CB. According to the CB site they will be located in Kids garden. Lovely smiling staff too which is always a bonus.


Ooh and the WI tent for tea and cakes. Yum.

9. The Schuh welly exchange: I need wellies and they need shoes. Read about it here

10. Soul park – this is probably just a dream as I will have my 10 month old demanding daughter with me but it just sounds well dreamy, hot tubs, saunas and massages a festival? Wow.

11. One final special mention .. We are all looking forward to watching Dubpistols (even Izzy) they were easily one of the highlights of the last festival we went to and having met them I can also say they are lovely guys!

So at the moment that’s what I’m looking forward to the most but it changes daily and I also want to see the fireworks,the wall of death and silly weddings at the Big Love Inflatable Church.

I believe tickets are still available and the sun is looking to show its head next week too so come along.. Please let me know if you are attending!

* Camp Bestival is held in the grounds of Lulworth Castle, Dorset from July 26th-29th 2012. Buy tickets here



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