Oh the places we’ve been

“It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.” – Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Inspired in a strange way by reading Oh the places you’ll go written by Dr Seuss into thinking about the places I have been or more specifically the places I have been with my man and more recently Izzy too- my family awww.

Since the start of our relationship over 4 years ago after first meeting in May 2007 we have travelled a fair bit, maybe not to as many countries or as far flung as we have sometimes intended but we have been around shall we say.

Our first trip whilst not exotic was to the lovely Lake District in August 2008.. And we soon dipped our feet into traveling abroad with a trip to Milan in the November. 2009 saw Paris, Fuerteventura, Praia da Rocha (Portugal) and several UK based trips included a truly memorable stay at Larkhill Tipis 2010 saw us return to Praia da Rocha with a group of friends for a really fun holiday followed by our most exciting trip yet to The Gambia which you can read about here if you like then we visited Turkey and had some more UK camping trips. 2011 started off with a New Years trip to Praia da Rocha (we love this place as you may have guessed) at which time I was technically pregnant (albeit just 2 weeks) so Izzy was kinda there too.. My pregnancy slowed down our travel plans that year so we just managed to fit in a short break to Barcelona and a trip to a different area of Portugal called Peniche with some friends when I was a glowing (sick) 6 months along.

Everyone told us that when Izzy arrived we wouldn’t be able to go away as much anymore and definitely not for the first year or two or at least not abroad. I’m glad to say we proved them wrong. At 6 months old we bought Izzys first passport 🙂 and we have since travelled to the South of France and Cornwall with an aim of heading off to Morocco in October/November this year.
Her first flight could not have been easier and she loved seeing a new part of the world.. Like her mum she loves a nice croissant.

I’m looking forward to the places we will all go together and encouraging my child to see outside her small little world.

Where have you been with your little ones or loved ones?

Some pics of our travels:

In order: myself&Andrew in Paris, me in Paris, me in Turkey, The best steak ever in Peniche (Portugal), Andrew&Izzy in France, Andrew in a waterfall near our tipi holiday trip, the restaurant we ate at in Notre Dame (Valentines 09), Myself, Andrew and Izzy (in my belly) at a surf shop in Portugal, me on a beach in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura..not posing at all and finally me and Izzy on the balcony of the house we stayed in Fowey, Cornwall.











Our plan was always to travel the world so now we will hopefully still get to do it.. Just may take us longer than we thought. Hopefully Izzy will catch the travel bug too.


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