Mumfortable clothes from Joe Browns – school run style

Ok so when I saw this competition from Joe Browns I knew I had to enter ..even though the competition deadline is in 1 hour daughter is having a restless night and I’m not really a fashionista (nor is my child of school age)but I do know that when you have a baby the way you look seems to drop way.. way .. way and then a little further down the list. I do however have a particular fondness for Joe Browns and have lots of little treasures from them in my wardrobe which I very nearly fit back into! Yay.

So the competition is basically to pick some clothes from their site to create a look that you as a mum would be happy and comfortable in so that is what I have done.. I’m just on my iPad in bed so I couldn’t do any clever stuff with the pics to make outfits or what have you but I’m sure you can figure it out.

The first item I chose and have secretly loved for quite a few months is:


The stunning summer dress: £21.95

I love that this is black but pretty with a gorgeous neckline so I don’t have to wear a necklace which my daughter will rip off.

I would pair it with:


Lovely leggings … Now I already have these so I can confirm that they really are lovely leggings.
If I wore the dress on a night out I may ditch the leggings if I had managed to get a little tan on my pasty British legs.

As I live in Wales and its mostly cold I would cover my shivering shoulders with this funky denim jacket :



Now I said no necklace but you have to accessorise somewhere so I would add this bracelet which is just up my street:


Leather flower bracelet:£9.95

And also:


Now I chose this bag for two reasons, 1 it’s very cute and 2 it looks too small to be a nappy bag. All my bags seem to become nappy bags and I want a bag that’s just for me. 🙂

To furnish my feet I have chosen:


£14.95 : these are extremely pretty and I rarely wear anything other than flip flops or sandals after May as I love the air on my toes so they fit the bill also they are flat which is ideal for when I’m hoisting my 21lb bundle round in her baby carrier.

All in all I quite like my outfit (drools) and will probably buy all of the items I don’t have very soon.. I can definitely vouch for the quality of Joe Browns so go check out the rest of the range.


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