Losing the mummy tummy

Twitter is a funny old world. I seem to chat to other mums, mums to be and dads more than anyone else on twitter these days and obviously there are many contrasting opinions on everything from pregnancy to parenthood but a few days ago I read a tweet from someone who seems pretty sensible stating how they were on a strict calorie controlled diet whilst heavily pregnant as they didn’t want to gain as much weight as their friends had while pregnant. I was shocked. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to eat all the rubbish you want ( well maybe a little) but eating enough is SO important for your growing baby. When I was pregnant I did have a few worries about how my body would look afterwards as I’m sure everyone does but I didn’t once consider dieting.


Pic: At 6 months pregnant.

When my daughter was born I kind of expected my stomach to just vanish and all the other chubby bits which appeared in the last trimester to come off with ease but I’m not one of those lucky ladies. For the first 6 months I was breastfeeding so I didn’t think about dieting as I know how important it is to eat well at this time but I started to cut back on the naughty stuff. A month after I finished breastfeeding I thought it was time to get back in shape so I started eating healthily and exercising ( a lot ) and the weight very slowly started to go down but then it was my birthday and a holiday to France ( there’s always an excuse) which resulted in a 2lb gain and I thought enough is enough so I am now on a strict but healthy diet and I have so far lost 7 &.1/2lbs. I am disappointed that I didn’t complete the 30 day shred but I got to day 25 so I know it’s achievable and I’m starting it again from the beginning as of next week. So far I have attended a jubilee party and a birthday BBQ and not wavered from my diet so my willpower is strong.

Losing baby weight is hard. I’ve dieted a few times over the years and this is the hardest weight I have ever had to lose but to have Isabelle in my life I would have happily put on 5 stone! Thankfully it wasn’t that much.

I really want to have lost a stone by June 17th so I can take my OH out for a meal for his first Fathers day and eat without guilt.

Help motivate me to keep going please with success stories and exercise tips. If anyone would like a copy of the diet I am on send me your email addy.

*If anyone needs inspiration to diet just go to the South of France. Nobody is overweight.


5 thoughts on “Losing the mummy tummy

  1. I think you’re doing very well, id find it hard to deny myself yumness when everyone around me was tucking in!
    In my experience a toddler is the best way to lose the baby weight! And you will soon have one of those. A bike and kid seat are good too, as you’re pushing the extra weight around. I didn’t get time to go to the gym much but was struggling to put weight on in the end because my NEAT (non- exercise activity thermowhatsit – ask hula) was so high, running around after nutter child! (plus the housework). I didn’t have a car for a while either which made a massive difference too!

    • Thanks.. Buying a bike seat soon as she loved it in France. I don’t lose weight easily but being mega strict is working for me as I am now at 9lb! Woop. Looking forward to hearing exciting baby news from you soon xx

  2. Good luck! I am still breast feeding and while eating healthily I am also part taking in cake munching. Not so good. I have had a little motivation in the last few weeks and started doing aerobics and yoga but now I need to take it more seriously and just concentrate on good healthy food and no naughty stuff. Fingers crossed I will succeed. I want to wear nice clothes again and lose my jelly belly haha.

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