Yay she liked it. 🙂

White Cat Herblog

My first Foodie Penpals – a winning combination of letter writing, finding food and eating food. This month, I sent a package to my Foodie penpal in Nottingham (hello Charlotte http://charlotterigby.blogspot.co.uk) and received a package from Becky in Swansea  https://munchiesandmunchkins.wordpress.com. There is nothing quite as wonderful as receiving a brown paper package – despite Becky apologising in her letter about the box inside – I thought sending a foodie package in a baby bottle box was great recycling.

Anyway, on to the contents, via the Foodie Penpal psychic link / umami ether / whatever it is, Becky seemed to know that sweet, spicy and alcoholic were all going to go down incredibly well, along with some grown up munchie food, mmmm. On the sweet side I had not one, but two forms of chocolate – a melting Choc-o-Lait stick for home made hot chocolate and some ordinary looking…

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