Babies aren’t boring

Before I had my daughter I thought that babies were very cute, occasionally smelly and maybe dare I say it a bit boring. After all they only sleep,eat, poop and repeat yes? I thought it would take a few years to get to the fun stage of having a child and doing all the fun stuff that you have secretly been wanting to do for years but had no excuse..such as impromptu trips to the zoo, park, swimming pool (but not to swim) indoor play areas… etc etc.

I was completely wrong. Firstly your own baby is never boring. Other babies can be I suppose although when you become a parent even other people’s babies become more interesting. It’s very strange. Watching my child sleep is still exciting.. I still find myself calling to my oh at least once an hour to say look look what she’s doing. Every day seems to be a new milestone as she discovers the great big world she lives. There are so many little things she does that pleases me that I could literally talk about her for hours and this kind of worries me because surely this is annoying to others?! I remember listening to other people drone on about their children and zoning out .. I know I waffle about her too much, 90% of my tweets are baby related but I’m sorry I wouldnt really have it any other way. I love that I am so into her. It appears I have wonderful friends as not only do they listen to this droning on but they also ask questions, ask for photos and are fascinated by our bundle of cuteness.

I thought it was just a girl thing but it’s not because men are just as vulnerable to the baby chatter and not just my OH who adores our little un (and annoyingly gets the biggest smiles off our daughter when he returns from work) but lots of men. All of our male friends ask after Izzy whenever we chat and not just in a polite way, they actually care. I think. I seem to read more daddy blogs then mummy blogs these days and it’s great to read a male point of view.
Anyway today we did our first exciting baby day out when we visited The Wales Ape&Monkey sanctuary*. It was fab. I pretended it was for Izzy but really I wanted to go and seeing her little face light up when looking at the monkeys was just a bonus.
I am looking forward to lots of similar excursions. In fact I maybe at some point even want to visit Peppa Pig park- yes I admitted that.

So anyway to sum up..babies aren’t boring. Not at all really. If you think so try having one and see your attitude change in an instant. 😀

*if any of you do make a trip and have slightly older children you may want to avoid spending too much time looking at Ronnie the chimp. He does RUDE things.




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