Lovely Lunches

It’s been a long tiring weekend and I really couldn’t be bothered to blog today but I am trying to stick with it so this week I thought I’d share some of my favourite easy recipes with you. All of the recipes are reasonably simple to make but tasty and mostly healthy. Today I am posting my current favourite lunch/breakfastrecipe.

Most weekdays I am happy to stick to sandwiches/salads but at the weekend I like to make something a bit more tasty and substantial.

I started making the next recipe based on an idea I saw on pinterest and tweaked it a little to make it even easier and in my opinion tastier. It’s incredibly healthy and so simple:

You will need:

1 large pan and 1 smaller pan. I use different sized clay pots (cazuelas) for most of my cooking as easier to clean and I like the look of them.
Tinned chopped tomatoes
Chopped chilli ( I use Asda fresh chilli in a tube as so much easier)
Eggs – free range please.
Baby leaf spinach
2 chopped garlic cloves or a squirt of garlic puree
Olive oil or butter

Firstly open a tin of chopped tomatoes (1 or 2 depending on how many of you are eating) mix in a small amount of chilli as well as salt n pepper and pour into a heated pan and cook over a medium heat until bubbling. Put a smaller pan onto warm up.
Next crack eggs ( I use 4 for the two of us) straight onto the tomatoes and leave to cook until the yolks are soft ( unless of course you prefer a hard yolk)
While your eggs are cooking pop your bread in the toaster and then put a knob of butter or a little olive oil along with your chopped garlic in your small pan and then sauté your spinach until slightly limp.

To serve place your tomatoey egg mixture onto your toast and top with your garlic
spinach and freshly ground pepper.ENJOY.

* to make this even tastier chop some bacon into your garlic spinach mixture.

Let me know if you try it 🙂



*this post is my entry for the Britmums #eggmainsinminutes comp –


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