Methods of torture ( the not so fluffy,smiley,happy side of parenthood)

If it wasn’t before it is now very clear to me why sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture. This past fortnight my normally happy little girl has had gastroenteritis followed by extreme teething which means that we ( I say we as I am very lucky to have a brilliant OH who shares the night shift) have had such little sleep I constantly feel as though I am on autopilot. Is this a permanent feature of parenthood? I hope not. When my daughter started sleeping for longer stretches-up to 9/10 hours I was silently smug..after all everyone had told me ( with delight it seems) that after having a baby I would never get a full nights sleep again but now it seems that after fooling me into thinking my life was somewhat going to get back to normal someone somewhere is laughing (smugly).

There is good news though I am more and more impressed every single day at how my body will adapt to little or no sleep and will function more or less as normal. I may look zombielike but I can pull off most everyday chores and even attempt a new exercise challenge-the 30 day shred which I will explain more about another time. How amazing are our bodies?! Don’t go thinking I am supermum as my house is nowhere near as tidy as I want it to be, there are many days when I really really struggle to get up from my sofa and outfit planning is normally grabbing what is clean and crease free but I am coping far better than I ever hoped.

If anybody has any remarkable/miracle like teething cures they want to share before I pull all my hair out I would really appreciate it as not much is working right now but after an extremely hard night made even more so by not knowing how to soothe my sobbing child I can say we finally have a tooth which means this chapter of baby life is getting closer to an end and you know what this morning she is happy and exploring her new friend in her mouth with a curious tongue which makes me smile.

Excuse any spelling or grammatical errors please I am typing this with droopy eyelids.



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